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Macmillan funded services for people affected by cancer

We are proud to be providing services in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support to deliver a countywide specialist advice service for people affected by cancer.

​If you are affected by cancer as a patient, family member or carer, medical treatment is probably your number one priority. But you may also have other practical concerns about money, employment, housing or something else large or small.
Our financial wellbeing service, funded by  Macmillan Cancer Support  offers an advice service specially designed to meet the advice needs of those affected by cancer.

Whether its claiming benefits, or rearranging your finances to deal with a loss of income, our practical, expert help is available to you.

Appointments are available in a range of settings - including hospitals and other outreach locations.
In the first instance - call our Macmillan specific telephone service on 01604 235086 or ask your health professional to make a referral


Call our local Macmillan service line on 01604 235086 

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