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You can use our online form to get help on a wide range of  issues.  The information you send will be kept as part of a confidential record of your enquiry and we will use the details to decide how best to help you.

We aim to send you a reply within five working days.  However, we cannot guarantee this due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Students of Northampton University Contact Form
Please select a phone call or email reply

​We need to get your permission to record and use any special category data you give us and if you agree we'll use this information to:

  • give you advice

  • help us gather data to improve our service

  • support our research in a way that you can't be identified

For full details of how we collect and use your data read our privacy policy

I give consent to you holding information on my Ethnicity, Health Condition, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Trade Union Membership (Please choose your consent options below )

Sexual Orientation
Health Condition
Trade Union Membership

Thanks for submitting!

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