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Sharon Stringer

Sharon Stringer has experience in the private sector, running her own business for 15 years before a spinal injury meant a change of direction. Working for Northamptonshire County Council for 18 years based either directly within or working with the community, has meant that she has a keen understanding of the difficulties faced by individuals and families in their daily life. This comes from delivering IT courses in super output areas across the county, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Thematic Partnership lead, acting as the Armed Forces Covenant County Officer and supporting Voluntary Sector organisations with development and growth.

Sharon’s personal and professional experience has resulted in a strong belief that there should be equality of opportunity for everyone no matter what their background or circumstances.

 “We all experience hard times at one time or another during our lives: debt, divorce, bereavement, illness and unemployment to name a few. Having lived in Northamptonshire for over fifty years I have been privileged to meet and get to know people from a wide range of backgrounds, knowledge and experience.  This has shaped my view of how people are supported and in many cases, not supported, who are in short and long term difficulty. I wanted to volunteer for Central and East Northamptonshire Citizens Advice so that I can in some small way, participate in supporting those in need and also ‘bang the drum’ so they are heard”.

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