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03444 889 629

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Complaints, comments or suggestions

Used our services and things didn’t go that well? Let us know . Want something more from our website? Let us know. Couldn’t get through on the phone ? We’ll apologize and explain what we’re doing to improve things. We think there’s always something to learn from a complaint, a comment or suggestion, so get in touch if you’re not happy with our service, or  you think there’s something we can do better.

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“Few realise Citizens Advice, which is at the bedrock of British society, is a charity not a government agency – a shame as the work it does is truly life saving. I’ve met many people who were suicidal over legal or money life challenges they couldn’t cope with, yet a visit to their local Citizens Advice put them on the path to dealing with it.”

Martin Lewis OBE

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Free, independent, confidential and quality-assured advice

For residents of Northampton, Wellingborough, South and East Northamptonshire. We are a registered, local charity and part of the  Citizens Advice network; the largest independent advice provider in the world, and one of nation’s best-known and most trusted charity networks.

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Our Impact

We have a responsibility and are committed to understanding the difference we make to the people we help and communities across Northamptonshire.

Along with our colleague local Citizens Advice, in Daventry, Corby and Kettering, and through the  provision of national services that benefit residents of Northamptonshire,  tens of thousands of people are helped every year in ways that bring benefits to us all. We measure our work carefully and consistently, using strict protocols and HM Treasury -approved modelling to a give clear, reliable and trustworthy account of the value of our work.

All our impact

Everything we do, and the way we work, benefits individuals, communities and society.

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Keep up to date with what we’re doing

We’re here for more than just the people we directly help. We want to recruit a community of members  and followers who are interested in our work, what we do , and how they might be able to contribute.

 Maybe you’re a member of the public who would like to know  about new services we develop, or a professional that wants to engage with some of our activities, including professional training and development opportunities?

Maybe you want yo know about our campaigns work  and want to get in involved. Complete our quick, easy sign up form and we’ll keep in touch with you .

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